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Area Constitution

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………………………… AREA MEETING


  1. Name The Meeting shall be known as the ………………………… Area Meeting.
  2. Objects The objects of the Area Meeting shall be to: a) protect and promote the interests, rights, functions and privileges of Parish and Town Councils in the ………………………… District; b) to develop and maintain co-operation with the District Council; c) and to use its best endeavours to promote a well-informed interest in local government within the District.
  3. Membership
  4. Business
    1. Subject to the directions of the County Association, the Area Meeting may arrange its own business and proceedings and may appoint its own Chairman and Vice-Chairman. A copy of the minutes of its proceedings shall be forwarded to the County Association.
    2. The Area Meeting may at its discretion invite to its meetings persons resident in any part of the ………………………… District which does not have access to a parish or town council.
  5. Variation of Constitution & Terms of Reference The County Association may from time to time vary this Constitution and Terms of Reference.
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  6. Every council in the ………………………… District which is a “Member Council” of the Worcestershire County Association of Local Councils (hereinafter called the County Association) shall appoint two persons as its representatives to attend the Area Meeting.
  7. Every person appointed as representative shall be a Parish or Town Councillor and shall hold office until 30th June of each year in which Parish and Town Council elections are held.
  8. Casual vacancies on the Area Meeting shall be filled by the appointing Member Council.
  9.  Serving Clerks of Member Councils are invited to attend Area Meetings but they have no voting rights.




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The South Worcestershire Development Plan and Neighbourhood Plans

More than 30 parish and town councils in South Worcestershire have either completed a neighbourhood plan or have one in preparation. But it is not yet clear how much influence these will have on the new South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP2), now being prepared by a Joint Planning Team from Worcester City Council and Wychavon and Malvern Hills District Councils. A major aim of the SWDP2, as with its predecessor, is to allocate sites for new dwellings to meet the targets for ‘housing need’ determined by central Government. It is therefore important that parish and town councils play a major part in shaping the SWDP2 to protect the character of our communities and to ensure that any new housing meets the needs of local people.

Martley Parish Council would like to hear from other parish and town councils in South Worcestershire who either have a neighbourhood plan or are developing one. In particular, we would like to call a meeting to discuss a common approach to the Joint Planning Team which is developing the SWDP2. Please contact Michelle Alexander, Parish Clerk at clerk@martley-pc.org.uk.